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Hamburg, 20.09.2022 Pressetext von Dirk Kopplow, Managing Director

GVÖ is a community of 40 shareholders and over 200 licence partners. As a recovery company, we provide nationwide collection and environmentally sound recovery of used, completely emptied cans, canisters, and drums.

According to the Packaging Act, anyone who sells packaging that contains mineral oils, greases, radiator antifreeze, additives or similar oil-based products must meet requirements. 

The corresponding distributors are legally obliged to take back the empty packaging. And there is more: the containers must be recycled and everything must be documented.

The GVÖ exists, in order to relieve manufacturers and distributors.The GVÖ takes over the corresponding legal obligation to take back, recycle and document, recovery and documentation obligations. 

The GVÖ take-back system is completely free of charge for the distributors, because it is financed by the mineral oil industry.

GVÖ takes care of the nationwide collection of used, empty containers and their recycling in accordance with the legal regulations.

This is what GVÖ does for their respective distributors and manufacturers:

  • Cross-brand take-back

  • Free of charge take-back and recovery of emptied packages

  • Recovery by certified waste management companies

  • Documentation required by law

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